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– The first global community in which financial law works differently, where everyone can achieve financial independence in a short time, regardless of their skills and experience. The main criterion is not how much you work, but how much you believe in the idea of creating a technologically prosperous world.

Inside the community, AI-based bot trading technology is researched by the world’s top programmers. Based on artificial intelligence and big data technology on the network, system detects patterns and applies them in high frequency trading.

Our AI system gives the highest return and safety of your investments.

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About profit

For each participant, we provide an opportunity to become financially secure to get a high return on their investments by investing in the development of multi-bot trading technology.

The most basic job of bot trade is to analyze the up and down trend of that coin and then place buy and sell orders, with a lot of crypto trading, the use of coin trading bots, also known as automated trading software. dynamic, abbreviated as EA (Expert Advisors).

From data collection to logical market entry based on dozens of criteria – BRADMERE CONSULTING AI is a fully autonomous artificial intelligence that processes huge amounts of data in a minimal amount of time, thereby bringing high and stable income

Pick a plan that fits your needs

A compelling pitch deck, business plan, financial forecast!
Plan 1
6% daily
  • 6% profit daily
Plan 2
9% daily
  • 9% profit daily
Plan 3
12% daily
  • 12% profit daily
Plan 4
25% daily
  • 25% profit daily
Plan 5
50% daily
  • 50% profit daily
Plan 6
100% daily
  • 100% profit daily
Why us?
Invest with no experience, easy, uncomplicated and guaranteed
Excellent Returns and Guarantees
Enjoy special return starting from 6% Daily to 100.00% Daily and 6 different packages to suit all requirements and with minimum investment from just $10
Flexible deposit and withdrawal system
24/7 support
A talented team of experienced professionals
Manage your own finances.

Your money is 100% safe

Your money invested with us is safe and you don’t have to worry about losing it. We are a company registered in the UK with registration number 13700837 and have perpetual financial control.

Strong security and protection

We have the strongest protections ever and a special encryption system to protect the data of all investors, as well as an experienced team ready to face any Any problem occurs as soon as possible.

Company documents

BRADMERE CONSULTING LTD is a company from the United Kingdom, which has been active in the cryptocurrency mining and trading market since 2021, as well as engaged in Forex trading.

The company has some unique trading techniques using self-learning and very intelligent trading systems. We also have our own trading and software development algorithms, allowing us to significantly improve the efficiency of our trades and reduce the time it takes to research market trends to make trading decisions. Thanks to our strong technical technology background and highly qualified team of programmers, was able to realize itself into a large business unit capable of uniting one huge amount of working capital and unite tens of thousands of grateful investors and partners who have benefited significantly every day from their cooperation with us.

That’s why we created a self-taught trading network, that allows you to make successful trades every second. An innovative, AI-based trading system that continuously improves itself, enables the BRADMERE CONSULTING crypto community to predict market conditions and stay one step ahead.

In 2019, we perfected an online platform including AI trading bot and video portal to unite private investors and entrepreneurs, to help investors get stable passive income and sponsor the ideas of entrepreneurs.
Our benefits

Start making money with a team of experienced financial experts and professional traders. Only profitable investments, correct strategies and promising directions for the company’s improvements. Even if you don’t participate, just sign up and watch the video and the money will automatically flow into your pocket.

High ROI

We create such investment conditions where every investment sets to payback and provide next day profit.

A variety of plans

We offer to choose 3 optimally developed investment plans that offer a chance of profit from 6% to 100% in 1 day for an investment period.

Low risk

We have a bot trade AI system, we can make a steady profit every month regardless of bear or bull market.

Questions and
How to register in the project?

Create an account easily within 5 minutes with the “register” button on the system.

Who is allowed to register and participate in this investment project?

Everyone in the world.

Is Officially Registered?

Our company is a UK registered company with company registration number : 13700837.

How many times can I deposit money into my account?

There is no limit to the number of times and the amount of deposit, when you invest with a big plan we will send you a plan that gives you better returns than the default plan tables at first on the proposed platform.

What payment methods can be used for deposit?


What is the minimum withdrawal requirement?

Minimum withdrawal requirement is 5$ per withdrawal transaction.

Are there any roses?

The minimum referral commission is 5% and the maximum is 25% for user referrals who successfully invest with the system’s link.

How long does it usually take to withdraw?

Withdrawal requests are made immediately when the system recognizes your request.

Is it possible to get referral commission without deposit?

Yes, you can get referral commission without any specific investment.

Questions and